Food Zone

The mouth-watering and nutritious zone of ATMA.
Food- The fundamental requirement and one of the basic needs of human life.
Having a well stocked pantry and a fridge is like money in the bank.


To provide with disease fighting and energy boosting meal and get on to the fast track of super healthy body.
To combine cooking with creativity and science
To encourage parents to inculcate into the minds of their children,the habit of eating healthy foods and its benefits and organize activities to be done to stay healthy and fit.


Onam Vishu Sadya, Easter , Xmas New Year and Iftaar parties are the masterpieces of Food Zone were ATMA would enjoy a kid-friendly and sumptuous food cramming a good variety of vegetables in one meal.
Food Zone plays an inevitable role in refreshing all ATMA gatherings
A “Naadan food fest”(A retro of Amazing Authentic South Indian foods) and “A visit to a Farm” (to encourage all the Atmaites to start up a Kitchen Garden at their own home within their limitations)are the future ventures from Food Zone.

As an enthusiastic professional, I enjoy working as a Team. I am self motivated when i succeed with openness and adaptation to change.
My Journey
Her love for dance has kept her connected to the Dance Zone of ATMA. She is not a trained dancer but always loved to dance
My Journey

Food Activities!