Finance Zone

Finance affairs is the heart and soul of any working organization, and so the management of the financial matters defy and set boundaries. ATMA Finance Zone has been entrusted with the responsibility of managing the monetary aspects while setting the boundaries of our group and going beyond the ordinary to create worthy experiences for its members.


  • Planning and forecasting expenditures depending on the nature of the expenses, from the group’s main activities to charitable initiatives

  • Managing/budgeting for group events/programs.

  • Maintain proper accounting for better control of the group’s finances.

  • Regular updates and reports to the members

Prince David
Prince DavidFinancer
A music lover at heart, I am more a sober personality and kind of hidebound by traditions. I’m more of a family man and enjoy spending time with my extended family too.
Mridhu Viju
Mridhu VijuOrganizer
I’m into administration role, socially I love to hang out with like minded people to unravel life’s purpose or so, I like to think !
A Finance professional with experience in leading a range of finance, accounting & operational functions with large-scale global enterprises in India & UAE.