Dance Zone

DANCE is a poem in which each movement is a word. It can be considered as the mother of all arts. It is the hidden language of the soul and it’s done to express; not to impress.
Dance is the art of movement of the body, usually rhythmically and to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures. It can be done with or without music. 


It provides physical, mental refreshment and relaxation, it can be lots of fun, it is a good form of exercise, it motivates and inspires an individual, it also creates bonds and closeness among people.
And that’s exactly what the Atma dance zone stands for…..


We have done a lot of activities in the past which were group ventures for all….
Let it be Onam, Christmas, Eid, Vishu, Easter and so on….every occasion was a celebration with the dance zone… Kids and grownups had equal participation and no one was spared without shaking a leg…. We helped everyone let go of inhibitions and reluctance to come on the dais to perform whatever the dance form – starting from classical to traditional to cinematic.
With the upcoming projects we intend to take ATMA to a noteworthy and incomparable level…

Myself Sreepriya, widely known as Priya is been a part of Atma and its dance activities ever since its formed. Can proudly boast that I have made almost all atmaites dance to my tunes.
My Journey
Sreeletha Rajeevkumar
Sreeletha RajeevkumarDancer
An active ATMA member since 2014, dance activities, both folk and cinematic, are Sreelatha’s passion since her school days. She also enjoys Indian classical music.
My Journey
Jwala Jibi
Jwala JibiDancer
Dancing is my big passion. My guru was kalamandalam Gopi sir. Under his training had done my Arengettam at the age of 10. I am experienced in many dances.
My Journey
Born in Kerala, brought up in Mumbai, I had my first encounter with a flight only when I flew over the Arabian Sea.
My Journey
Indu Kumar
Indu KumarDancer
Her love for dance has kept her connected to the Dance Zone of ATMA. She is always loved to dance
My Journey

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